Wednesday, June 17


Second week of t ball and I'm starting to question the organization. We arrived at 9. Last week she divided the kids into 4 teams of about 5 kids. When we left, I was thinking to myself that 5 isn't very many in the field but what did I know. She said she ran t-ball last year for the rec dept. so I figured she knew what she was doing. On Saturday, she tells everyone that she was combining the 4 into 2 teams. Ok, that makes more sense. Then I heard them "counting" "outs". And I thought, hmmm. They are 4-6 years old - 3 "outs" could go fast or take FOREVER. I think one of the coaches talked to her and the next inning, each team batted through their lineup. Now this sounds more like "beginner" baseball. But then there was no sign of finishing. Around 10:15 I asked the rec lady when this ends. She said, "well we are scheduled from 9-11." I said, "do you expect 4 year olds to last 2 hours?" and went back to the rest of the parents. Sure enough, Kelsey came running over and said she didn't want to bat again (the 3rd time). And by the 4th inning (or 10:30) there was only about half the team that was actually still into it. I guess we will see how this Saturday goes!

She needs more pink

We FINALLY left t-ball and went to the Zoo. There is a dinosaur exhibit we haven't been to before, mostly because they weren't into dinosaurs and I wasn't sure if they would be scared. Ha! Drew covered his ears and cried through half of it. They were mechanical replicas and some of them made noises (ROAR), a couple actually spit water! Even though they were fake, he was not having it and could not wait to get out of there. Oh well, now we know ;)
We met Tara at the Zoo!

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