Friday, June 12

Starting Summer

I mean, I know that summer is here but I can't believe we are into summer sports already! We had our first t-ball practice, which was basically forming some teams, getting t-shirt sizes, and introductions. Now we will see what Saturday brings us with our first "official" game!

Of course Craig was at grad school and missed their t-ball meeting so we were left to make some fun for the rest of the day. The weather shifted and the sun and temperature welcomed in a beautiful afternoon. We joined our friends, Aidan and Cal, in their backyard and let the kids by kids. Earlier in the day if you were in the shade, it was cool and you needed long sleeves and pants. So of course we weren't dressed appropriately and to cool off the kids were playing with a sprinkler and squirt guns. And then Kelsey took her shirt off like the boys when she got wet! We told her that she only has like one more year of being able to take her shirt off ;)

It was Kelsey and Drew's last night of gymnastics (last Wednesday). Their awesome teacher takes these cute pics of them during class. We are getting ready to start "tumbling and trampoline" on Friday mornings for the summer. We will see if they continue into the school year.

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