Friday, October 30

Oh Dear...

It's been a couple weeks, wish I could say we were busy doing something cool and fun, but no. Kelsey got some icky virus last week that kept her home one day from school. Then this past Sunday, Drew became pretty congested and when he gets sick, it's ugly. He ended up coming home from school Monday. He barely made it through school Tuesday and Wednesday. I think he then started Kelsey's virus Wed. night as he was up every 3 hrs with diarrhea. So he stayed home yesterday. Today is their first field trip to the pumpkin farm and I was praying he'd be better to be able to attend. I woke him up a little early this morning to check on him. I whispered in his ear, "are you going to the pumpkin farm today?" And with a big smile he shook his head yes. I told him I want him to pick out the shiniest, coolest, most orange pumpkin he can find! I'm excited to see them after school today and

Drew with all his girls in gymnastics class! (he's in the middle)

School pics!

I had totally forgotten our friends took us out for the last boat ride of the year
2 (3?) weeks ago. It was a bit chilly on the boat but the sun was awesome.

Drew checking out the giant cargo ship

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