Wednesday, October 7

Fall is here

We are a busy crew since school started. Parent-teacher conferences are this week but I don't think we will hear any surprises. We routinely see Drew's teacher outside of work and the benefit of Craig being there, we are constantly updated on their behavior and learning. Kelsey had a bad run of "accidents" while at school. Almost every day last week, she came home in different clothes. She was also wetting bed, and not getting up to use the bathroom at night like she usually does. I remembered almost exactly the same time last year, I took the kids in thinking they had UTI's because they were wetting bed for no reason and the odor was off. They ended up telling me it was just a phase, growing pains, or whatever but NOT a UTI. So then when it happened this year, the only correlation is starting school again. Maybe she is stressed or tired or all the newness had overcame her. She hasn't had an accident at school all week but she has had to wear a pull-up to bed, which is almost punishment for her because she dislikes them so much. But I.CAN.NOT wash her bedding every morning.

Otherwise we are getting ready for the end of the month. Homemade Halloween costumes and a couple trick or treating events will be keeping us busy :)

This was from the middle of September . The sun was wonderful
and the kids were determined to fly a kite.

They play so nice together when they get home from school. I attribute
this to NOT being in the same K4 classroom.

Last Friday we went out for dinner and craft beer. Kelsey entertained
these ladies (our friends/Craig's coworkers) the entire time!

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