Monday, February 15

We're still here

So the computer is telling me it's been 3 weeks since I last posted... which means it's been 3 weeks since my birthday - and that feels like FOREVER ago! Anyway, we've been trucking along. Drew went to Monster trucks 3 weeks ago and I took Kelsey to see Disney Princesses on ice 2 weeks ago. It was part of their Christmas gifts. They both went last year for the first time respectively, and loved it. So we decided to make it an annual tradition. Kelsey's already talking about which princess dress she will wear to next year's show ;) 

The kids had their 2nd parent-teacher conferences last week. It sounded like all is well - they have lots of friends, listen to the teacher, and are on track with other K4's. Drew still has some issues with small meltdowns, as in if another student lines up before him for Oneida class, he totally freaks out. His teacher thinks he will grow out of this as he matures, but we notice the same things at home if all doesn't play out the way he wants it to. And the past week and a half they have been waking up WELL before they need to on school 5a.m.!! And then they are exhausted when I pick them up from school. Drew napped both days this past weekend also. We are not sure what is up with them but we have noticed that we have fallen into the doldrums of winter and are going to start doing little "projects" when they get home from school until dinner time and after that they can watch TV or play video games. This will give Drew reason to meltdown until he gets use to the routine - by the by, when he does disagree with any answer I give him, he sends himself to his room and consequently falls asleep. It's kind of a win-win; he certainly wakes up in a better mood!

My grandma's 87th birthday. She went home from the hospital 2 days later.

Kesley at Disney on ice

Drew's teacher sent me this - they are doing the potato dance at school during culture and language class. They have to dance but keep the potato between them and not use their hands

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