Monday, January 25

We Got A...

Fish! Or more specifically, a piranha. Craig had a "pet" piranha when I met him. It lived for 10 years before an unfortunate power outage ended his long life. So we still had the tank, filter, and heater and Craig had been talking it up with the kids. We were watching fish stores in the Milwaukee area for piranha deliveries but they apparently go fast once in the store. Over the holiday break we were in Manitowoc and Craig decided to stop in at the original fish store where he bought his first piranha and sure enough, they had 5 of them! Kelsey and Drew were very excited to pick one out and buy feeder guppies for him right away. He is obviously the most active when he's hungry and loves getting treats at night before the kids go to bed.

Got her hair cut!

Going to the mall when it is too cold outside to do anything else...

And getting to ride the odd-ish mall games!

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