Saturday, November 12

Chomp, Chomp

On Tuesday Kelsey pushed thru her first tooth! She's growing up too fast:) Back in the day, I use to say that I would like "puppies", or more accurately dogs, better if they stayed little and cute but mentally grew up and were disciplined. I'm not comparing my kids to pets, but I just love how cute and little they are now and want them to stay like that FOREVER! Oh well, I guess I gotta let go and let them grow up.
Otherwise we are going to spend the weekend getting the house ready for crawling/moving babies. It was snowing Thursday (altho none of it stayed), and I can't wait to put the babies in a snow bank all bundled up. We are going to start feeding the kids pureed meat (I know, yum) this week and introducing sippy cups of water. And my favorite holiday is almost here: Thanksgiving!

Kelsey and Marty bonding.

Kelsey has a new fascination with holding and puting her mouth on ANY thing we are drinking. This night it happened to be my empty beer bottle.

No, no mom - I got this.

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