Wednesday, November 16

New Stuff

We had a BUSY weekend, all starting Saturday morning. My brother and sister-in-law came down early Saturday to help Craig build a mantle over the fireplace. Well, really Derek was going to help Craig and Cassandra was going to hang with me and the kids! The babies were up early Saturday so we were actually "cleaning" before the construction (if that even makes sense!). But then the girls and kids headed to the mall, thinking that we should stay out of the guys way and it gave a great excuse to go shopping - something I haven't done in a LONG time. I was able to get some Christmas gifts and find something for me to wear to Christmas. At one store, I walked around the corner and didn't even recognize Kelsey because Cassandra was dressing her up in cute fuzzy hats and faux fur booties! Poor Drew was sleeping so he didn't get to try anything on.

Sunday we ran around and did a TON of errands. By the time we got home, the kids had crashed and we were ready to just veg and watch football.

Craig took some before and after shots of where the TV wasn't and then where we put it. But we should have done full living room pics - it's unbelievable how much more room there is now that the TV/entertainment center isn't on the floor. We had plenty of room before and now that the mantle is in and the TV is up, the feeling of the room is different. We wish we would have done this sooner. Altho it gives Kelsey more room to explore. She isn't crawling but she started going up on her knees this weekend. For right now Drew just wants to hang out in one place and play; I'm sure that will change:)

That tongue is always hanging out these days - guess he likes the feeling of his gums pushing up his new teeth!

Of course it needs to be painted yet but we LOVE it:)