Sunday, November 6

That's How We Roll

I have a confession: it feels *weird* to me that I have babies, that I am a mom, that I am responsible to care for these lives. I know weird has turned into somewhat of a cliche word, but it's weird like letting jell-o squish through your fingers, or the feeling of mud, or when you're swinging and you tilt your head back - that feeling. Kinda like when you can't think of any other real words to describe the feeling, weird. I've said it to my sister a couple times, and every once in a while she'll say, "So does it feel real now?" And I suppose it feels MORE real every day, but there are times I am laying next to the kids on the floor, Kelsey's grabbing my face, giggling, and then it hits me that these are MINE.ALL MINE (well and Craig's, couldn't do it without you sweetie). But why is it such a shock to me or why does it hit me out of the blue? I was pregnant with them for almost 35 wks, sat in the hospital for 18 hrs before I saw them, visited them EVERY DAY in the NICU, brought them home, and have watched them grow for the last 7 months. Maybe I'm still adjusting to my new life. Or getting used to these new additions. I know I'll get over it; I think I just had to talk it out - thanks for listening:)

We tried a new snack today: advocado. It's pretty much the easiest baby food I've made - scoop it out into a plastic baggie, mush, and serve! I was ready for them to reject it, but I should have known they would love it since they are totally in to "odd" baby food. They are starting to dislike carrots. Tonight we are doing edmame and squash.

Today Kelsey also rolled herself over to the DVD player and turned on a Baby Einstein movie. I was in the kitchen baking apples and I heard the unmistakable intro music. She thought she was something cool when I walked in the living room to make sure the DVD player wasn't going to end up on her. That's also been her thing this week: rolling under the furniture.

This is Drew trying on winter hats. His head is so big that he doesn't fit into any of the age appropriate hand-me-downs we were given.

Kelsey is trying to get to the cat, so of course she had to knock over the floor gym to get there.

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