Sunday, February 12

Moving On

I don't think I have to tell anyone how long our week was, how sad this whole ordeal was, or how uneasy we've felt. I think this site sums up how wonderful the small community responded to last weeks tragedy:

Besides everything external from our home that has been going on, the kids are doing great! Kelsey is pulling herself up onto EVERYTHING - nothing is safe in our house:) We had to lower her crib mattress yesterday because I saw her standing up, trying to lift her leg up to pull herself OVER the railing! I actually made myself a little nauseous because I flew out of bed yesterday morning when I saw her trying to be a daredevil on the monitor.

Drew is doing so much better with "other" or "real" food. He isn't a big fan of textures and mostly prefers well-pureed baby food. Kelsey will eat pretty much anything on my plate - I don't have to worry about her. But anytime I tried eggs or cheese with Drew, he would gag and get upset, even with the melt-away puffs. So this weekend he was eating goldfish, cheese, animal crackers, potato chunks.

It occurred to me that I have to start thinking about their 1st birthday...SOON! I've discussed ideas with Craig, cut some things out of magazines, and picked out what they are going to wear, but now I have to get the actual party figured out. I'm not even going to THINK about them turning one...they are always going to be my babies;)

Sort-of playing together - usually Drew ends up crying because Kelsey is a bully.

It might look like they are both having fun, but Kelsey actually got stuck.
I took a picture first, because I couldn't figure out how she got there in the first place.

Wearing our "grown-up" sweaters:)

Again, Kelsey over-taking Drew's turn, showing off that she can pull up onto the toy
and he has to just take it!

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