Friday, February 17

Naughty Girl and REAL Food

Kelsey continues to bully Drew. She will take toys away from him, pull his arm off of stand-n-play activity table, and pretty much control who plays with what. Yesterday my mom and I witnessed her slap Drew when he wouldn't let her play with certain buttons on the activity table. I sternly told her "no" and tried to redirect her to play with a different toy. Drew was crying and the "I-didn't-do-anything-wrong-he-should-get-out-of-my-way" look Kelsey gave Grandma forced me to look away from her to keep from laughing. Then she started to smirk; someone's getting too big for their britches!

We are trying more new foods: yesterday was spinach, every night for dinner this week they've had rice, black beans, and chicken. And goldfish crackers are like crack for these kids; they even recognize the box and crawl over by me to get some. This new adventure brings me to new levels of FREAKING OUT people! We are progressively moving towards getting rid of the bottles by 1 year and eating 3 meals with snacks in between. Check that; we haven't "moved on" to anything. Just thinking about it stresses me out and I get anxious. Bottles are SO easy - pureed baby food is easy and not messy. Kelsey feeding herself is a disaster and Drew manages to "wear" everything he puts in his mouth. I am not ready for this milestone; another reason for them to stay babies:)

Having a "goldfish cracker" picnic!

She looks chubby here:)

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