Sunday, February 26

11 months

I know it's been a week; but I didn't know if you wanted to hear about these kids just being kids:) We are making some changes preparing for them to go to bottle-less and drink milk at their first birthday. So far I've taken away 3 of their bottles during the day and replace them with food or sippy cups. Kelsey DISLIKES sippy cups and I tried to get her to drink out of a straw, but she doesn't swallow it - just lets it run out of her mouth! They are eating all kinds of foods - I haven't found anything they won't eat. And it's so relaxing to watch them play by themselves or together, but essentially not needing an adult to help entertain them. Oh, and Kelsey's starting to cruise a little on the furniture! Drew is still working on pulling up to stand; he gets to his knees and is done.

One good thing about not posting in a week is that there are plenty of pictures to catch up on!!

Investigating all the new places she can get to now.

 A new ball!

So happy, she's just gotta clap!

This is what happens when one kid stands and the other crawls
and they end up trying to play in the same place.
(you missed the stepping on hands & crying.)

Our backyard after the wet, heavy snow Friday morning. Too bad it is
supposed to melt soon:(

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