Saturday, May 26

If a Tree Falls

and no one hears it, does it make a sound? After last week, we thought we were done with the bad luck (replacing a radiator and a car window, vehicle getting towed, grandma going to hospital - all this AFTER the basement flooded). But of course when it rains, it pours - no pun intended. It was fairly windy Thursday and we have gigantic mature trees around our house. We've always "joked" that some day one of them is probably going to fall on our roof. Close, how about just our Jeep.

Really? Is this happening to us? I didn't even hear it. I was home alone with the kids and the neighbor knocked on the door to let me know. Unbelievable. Is this some omen that our house/lives are cursed? Should we just pack the car up and start driving away?

In happier news, the kids are doing well. Kelsey is taking a couple steps between Craig and I or the between the furniture and one of us. She thinks it's a game sometimes and will just start leaning forward instead of actually walking! Drew has been doing some head-butting. I can't tell if it is supposed to be sweet, like a high-five, like the sea turtles in NEMO giving "noggin" or an aggressive response, as in "get outta my way". Either way he hasn't hurt anyone yet, especially not himself, but Kelsey isn't too fond of the gesture.

So far this holiday weekend has started out yucky - it has been raining all morning. I am just so excited to get the kids out of the house this summer, since it felt like we were a little confined last year. We were hoping to get out and watch softball, get in the pool, be outside on this unofficial start to summer. It is possible the weather will cooperate eventually...(I am not a patient waiter).

This is actually a mild head-butt

Her hair is long enough for pig-tails! (and old enough for silly faces)

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