Monday, May 21


I'm sorry it's been a week since I posted. I will save you-all the whiny details and just sum up last week as "sucky". But the show must go on and that's what you do when life happens. (And when too much "life" happens, there isn't much time to do the things you WANT to do.)

Anyway, while we were busy dealing with unexpected life events, we were also planning/getting excited for Craig's birthday. It was beautiful weekend and we had LOTS of things planned - boating, Brewer game, Hank Aaron commencement speech, presents. Craig also had to spend some time at his summer job, preparing the pool for next weekends opening.

The kids have been very interested in climbing lately. They aren't walking or talking, but CLIMBING on everything! And consequently, falling OFF of those things. Oh well, live and learn;)

Drew with Dad on birthday morning

If she could climb in there, she would!

This is how we sit in our big kid seats! So much room for activities:)

This is how we sleep in our big seats! Too much fun with Uncle Derek.

I hope you can read what his shirt says - total daddy's boy!

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