Tuesday, May 15

A Mom's Day

We were all over the state this weekend. Saturday we drove to Wausau for Craig's niece and nephew's combined birthday. It was about 10 degrees warmer there than in Milwaukee so of course my hot box Drew was burning up. Thankfully (sarcasm) he is so good at pulling off his socks, he was able to cool himself :) We spent the afternoon there and headed home - which Drew slept MOST of the 3 hour trip!

Sunday was another absolute gorgeous day. The kids took a nap while I grocery shopped. Then when I got home I thought Craig had to run an errand before we left for my mom's house. But when he got home and we started packing up the car, I climbed in the front seat and saw my gift (even though I stated I didn't need/want anything, just happy babies) - an Edible Arrangement. It was perfect - the kids loved helping me eat it :) Kelsey grabbed a strawberry and started eating it like an apple, oh yeah, miss independent!

This week, in ALL my free time, I going to try to get rid of the mud/dirt in the basement. I'm not real sure how - when I mop, it just seems to "move" around and not "pick" up. So I'm going to try multiple avenues of vacuuming!

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Looking forward to more beautiful weather and another busy weekend!!

Drew snuggling with great-grandma

Auntie Tara and grandpa

Drew picking on Uncle Derek

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