Wednesday, October 31

Kelsey - 1 Halloween - 0

The score should actually be K -2, Halloween costume -0. This year these adorable kids were supposed to be Pebbles and Bam Bam. What better b/g twin costume idea for them, considering they look nothing alike so why dress them alike?

Well I found Drew's costume at a resale shop for $4. So I thought I would just buy some animal print/cheetah fleece and make a simple dress out of it for Kelsey's ensemble. Sunday afternoon I couldn't wait to put her in it! She had her brown leggings and white onesie on and it was screaming for the dress. I slipped it over her head and the tears started flowing! I didn't think it was the dress at first...she is getting her last teeth, painful eye teeth. So I thought she was just going to cry it out for a minute and be fine. I turned around and she was pulling at the collar of the dress. The material wasn't even touching her skin but she needed that dress OFF! ASAP! I thought the drive up to my mom's would calm her down, especially after a long nap...nope! She lost it again. And even if she walked by the dress she would take it and throw it on the floor. She has never dissed clothing before; I haven't ever had problems dressing her. So we called it a fail and decided not to torture her anymore with her Halloween costume.

(Last year, I wasn't even sure if  we would trick-or-treat so I didn't try too hard at their costumes. They were both some form of hand-me-downs and I wasn't quite sure what size they would even be in last fall. Well, Kelsey's was about 1 size too small and so we couldn't even really put her all the way in it! So yeah, 2 fail costumes in a row. Maybe Halloween isn't her thing...)

Loving it up! He had NO PROBLEM leaving his costume on.

Surprisingly she let us put the "bone" in her hair.

Sorry it's so fuzzy, but it's the only picture I have of them together!

Maybe wearing mom's shoes with a pumpkin shirt is as dressed up as
she's gonna get for Halloween.


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