Sunday, January 13

Busy Again

Firstly, I can't believe it is the middle of January and all of our snow is gone! What makes winter great is that the snow covers up all of the dormant, not pretty foliage. And I just feel that if it's going to be 18 degrees and blustery, there should be fluffy white snow to go with it

This weekend we went back up to my hometown. We celebrated a couple family birthdays, supported our cousin Nick at his wrestling tournament, and attended mass in memory of my dad. After our visit to the cemetery, we headed to a local bar that opens early for breakfast with the whole fam damily! Oh, did I forgot to mention it was our first time with the kids in church since baptism (other times we leave them at home with a sitter). I thought it would be early enough that I could bribe them with food and that would keep them quiet. Or that the singing and congregation praying would intrigued them into silent wonderment. Ha, no such luck. Drew was my biggest worry because I assumed he would want to run up and down the aisle. Craig took him out to the back of church twice - our church is too small and too old to have a "cry/children's" room. Kelsey kept pointing to the ceiling and asking, "what's that?". And she's recently become the loudest eater. EVER! Every bite of her fruit cracker was, "yum,yum,nom,nom,num,num." And both kids would turn around, look up to the balcony of choir singers and say, "hiiiiiiiiiiii. Hi. Hiiiiiiiiii." Good thing they are cute!!

Once we hit up the tavern there was plenty of other people that wanted to entertain the kids. They were "playing" the digital slot machines, climbing up the bar stools, and eventually, the holy grail, the pool table. Auntie Tara helped Kelsey put quarters in the machine after playing with only the cue ball got old. Then we had to fend for ourselves as they "threw" the balls down the table. Soon the aunties figured out that it would work better if the kids sat on the table. Kelsey loved it. Drew then befriended the bar tender and became possibly the youngest person behind Swede's bar. But the bartender loved it! She scooped him up and served a couple drinks, ate some popcorn, and started taking everyone's money off of the bar.

What a weekend! Hoping for a quiet week so we can gear up for another equally busy weekend:)

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