Saturday, January 26

When Life Hands You...Eggs?

I haven't posted in a while because I didn't have pictures; which I thought translated into I didn't have anything to say/report. Turns out I don't have many pictures because the kids are so busy learning and growing, I can not keep up with them to document everything!

Drew is coming around and turning into a "talking" machine. Not that we understand a lot of what he says but at least it sounds more like words instead of yelling! Kelsey has always been our talker and lately has been spitting out a lot of 2-word phrases. In the past week, we also noticed that both kids know most of the sounds zoo animals make. Either I need to pay the sitter more or let them watch more Sprout tv :) The zoo will be extra fun this year!

Drew has also learned to "do" new things. He "walks the walk" while Kelsey "talks the talk". He opens the dishwasher, cabinets, car doors, puts keys in locks, has always been the climber. And recently became strong enough to open the fridge door. I received this text from my mom when she watched the kids Thursday:

Mom: When did Drew learn how to open the fridge door?
Me: Funny trick right? Not sure. He did it last night.
Mom: Well you are going to need more eggs!

Apparently she was in the living room with Kels and Drew was unusually quiet, which can only mean he's finding trouble. She heard him coming into the living room saying, "uh oh" and saw he had half an egg in his hand. He dumped about 5 eggs on the kitchen floor. Mom said she salvaged a couple and they had scrambled (no pun intended!) eggs for lunch. I guess when life hands you lemons...

It has been dreadfully cold this week which tested the kid's tolerance for hats and mittens. Once they were in the car they didn't last too long. There is also hardly any snow on the ground and I can't remember a birthday coming up this short with snow. It had been a past time of mine to go sledding on my birthday; this year would be a no-go unless we went to a ski hill where they "make" snow.

Yep, you guessed it - my wise, wonderful self is 29....again!

Sitting on the chair together. Of course, Kelsey is saying "Mine!" to the camera.

I told them to show me their feet....

...which meant to Kels - get these darn socks off!

Drew's been lovin' him some big, fat cat!

Trying to fit in the bottom of his Fisher Price "grill"

"Monkey see, Monkey do" (but Kelsey tried it head first!)

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