Sunday, February 3

Buh-bye January

The weather has us bouncing all over the place. We actually haven't taken the kids outside this winter yet...I feel bad for not letting them experience the snow since they are obsessed with it, looking out the window saying, "no, no, no" (no "s's" yet). But every time there is good snow on the ground it is like 10 degrees out. Firstly, I'm not sure I want to be outside in that cold nor do I want to get funny looks from the neighbors for having my little kids in it! Maybe we will finally keep the snow as it warms up later next week and they can break in their snow suits/boots!

You can bet Craig ran out that night after the egg incident and brought home child safety locks for the fridge (and dishwasher, as we've caught him sitting on the open door playing with the dirty dishes - I know, parental fail). They are working great, except for my frustration when I forget I can't simply open the fridge anymore!

Otherwise we are boring-ly busy - which should make sense to some of you :). We aren't going anywhere special or doing fun, busy things. We have lots of coordinating of schedules, paperwork from my dad's estate and meetings/phone calls with those appropriate people, trying to (FINALLY) plan a vacation, and sometimes the stress of it all makes you feel busy. Picking up what I'm putting down? I knew you would!

One of my FAVORITE past times - if you can call it that! I love cookie dough,
cake batter, all things bakery -especially before they are baked! I use to share the
mixer beaters with Craig's dog Marty. He LOVED them and sat next to my legs
as soon as he heard the mixer running, knowing he'd get to lick one. Of course
I had an audience when I was making cookie dough (by request), observing
everything I was doing. And then I made the mistake of licking the spatula...
I heard a chorus of, "ME! My turn. I wan won."


And nothing like a smiley Drew in his Thomas jammies!

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