Friday, July 19

Dog Days of Summer

Ok, I like summer but I like 75-80 degree summer. I DISLIKE 90 with a heat index of 99. We have been keeping cool swimming and watching movies in the air conditioning. We are looking forward to a cooler weekend, celebrating a 1st birthday, me packing and preparing Craig for my trip to Colorado to visit friends and their new baby. Last weekend we celebrated our dear friends', Jax and Brady, 5th birthday baseball-style...the kids had a ball! (Haha, pun intended - they actually received balls in their treat bag and played a little t-ball.) Busy, busy summer and I'm already dreading Craig going back to school! One of us needs to find an 8 or 9 - 3 job;)

This silly boy likes putting his own shoes on, even if one of them
is Kelsey's and pink!

Kelsey is a little obsessed with Minnie Mouse and there isn't an
actual Minnie cartoon so we youtubed a show that played "Minnie's
Bow -Toons" shorts.

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