Friday, July 26

Baby Love

I left late Monday night for Colorado to visit dear friends, Nikki and Andy and of course baby Declan. I couldn't keep my hands off this sweet little man and was able to get lots of baby cuddles in. We had 3 lovely days together doing some much needed mom/friend/baby bonding. I came home late Thursday night so the first time I saw the kids was after work today. Kelsey and Drew stayed home with dad and survived, as I knew they would! Next time, if they can tolerate all of us, we will visit as a family:)
What's more precious than a sleeping baby?

Oh, their "other" baby. 9 month old Jasper. It IS like having
2 babies! 

And now it is go go go! We are celebrating my sister's birthday tonight and then heading to Manitowoc tomorrow for the annual softball tournament in Craig's hometown. The weather is going to be fall-like, which I guess is good if there is a possibility of sitting outside all day.

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