Saturday, July 6


We have had to start giving "time outs". Mostly for Drew. And mostly for hitting. He likes to push Kelsey around or swing his arm at her when he's mad about where she's standing or what she's playing with. I've witnessed Kelsey put her hand up and say, "Stop hitting, Due." And when he doesn't he gets a warning and then a Time Out. He's not a fan of them so he cries. Then Kelsey walks over by him and says, "Due, whas duh mattah? Due, you sad?" We remind Kelsey that he was just hitting you and that's not nice. She is so sensitive to other's emotions and feelings. I won't be aware that I'm furrowing my brow and Kelsey will see me and say, "Mom, whas the mattah? Whas wong, you sad?" And then I smile and say,"No Kels, I'm HAPPY." And she laughs and says, "I happy, mom."

The neighbor boys nestled in with the kids to watch a movie.

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