Saturday, October 19

Big Tractor

The days are flying by around here. I wish I could go back to grade school and bank all the times I prayed for the school year to go faster - what I would give to be able to say, "Mom, I'm bored."!

We are in full fall swing, raking mounds of leaves to the curb, turning the heat on, and pumpkin everything. The kids point out every halloween decoration they see. Kelsey has such an  aversion to costumes that we aren't sure she will want to participate in Halloween next weekend. I found a used Buzz Light year costume for Drew so I thought I could do a homemade version of Jessie, the cowgirl from Toy Story. She loves wearing her cowboy boots and she may even leave the hat on!

The kids actually had a busier social calendar than us last weekend. Craig and I had dinner plans with friends before we all decided to clean out my dad's house. So it only made sense to bring them with us during the day, then they went to my mom's for a nap, and then my sister, brother- in-law, brother, and sister-in-law took them for the evening and overnight. There was fire safety at the local fire stations, and my step-dad is a volunteer so after their nap they went to see the fire trucks. Then my sister picked them up and took them to the farm my brother-in-law helps out on and saw the cows, pet the kitties, and rode on the big tractor. For supper, they headed to the local bowling alley for grilled cheese and video games. How they even wanted to come home the next day is beyond me! They talked our ears off about Matt, "Derk", "Sandra", and "Sara". (Matt's name is the only one they say correctly - granted Cassandra IS a pretty big word. But why can't they say Tara?)

Uncles Derek and Matt with Drew.

Of course my dad still had our grade school lunch boxes.
And a pink hat, which Kelsey decided to inherit.

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