Monday, October 7

Gotta Wear Shades

Another crazy week has gone by but as I speak, our bathroom should be getting started. We took a couple tile samples home and made sure we liked what we were picking. I'm ready for it to be done! There are only so many weeks that I can handle convincing the kids we are bathing in the sink...again.

For the past 6 months, Kelsey will randomly use the potty. And not usually at home. Like an obsession, she wants to potty on the public toilets - which is the opposite for normal people. I talk to her about using the big potty, like a big girl and she just giggles. The joys of potty training.

We did family pictures yesterday. I usually stress about the weather and the kids. Well, it was a perfect sunny fall day but the kids were in a funk. Drew has been going through a phase (I hope) where he only wants Craig...for everything - change his diaper, change his clothes, carry him to bed, put him in his chair, even to drive the "big truck". He woke up from his nap on the way to Appleton yesterday and immediately cried because Craig and I had switched spots driving. So when we started pictures, Drew was not letting go of Craig. He cried to be held. Even when we were kneeling on the ground, he wouldn't let go. That's another thing I'm ready for the kids to outgrow - being picked up and held. They are getting too heavy for me and I feel it when I spend multiple whole days with them because my back is killing me in the morning.

Building castles

Every day we leave the sitter, the sun shines directly in the kids' eyes.
So we took a walk to the store and purchased sunglasses!

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