Monday, December 30

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

By the time we did Christmas at my mom's, the kids were starting to figure out this holiday. Although, Kelsey was telling people it was her birthday, hence all the gifts she was getting:) We would give her a gift and she would exclaim, "What IS it?" Too sweet. This was the first time in their lives that they opened gifts with excitement, recognized what the item was, and were thankful to have it. After opening gifts for past 3 days, Drew just thought it was common place to walk into a new house and receive presents! So he would stroll in and say, "Time to open presents now?"


"It's Adorable!"

Big Tractor

Uncle Derek showing Drew how everything works

Doc McStuffins check up kit

Their own tablets!!

Using her doctor kit to check Auntie Cassandra's blood pressure

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