Thursday, December 26

Winter Wonderland

The Bonin family celebrates Christmas the weekend before and it seems like every other year there is a major snow storm to accompany the celebration. We started it off Friday night and concluded Sunday afternoon, watching the weather reports, waiting for the snow to take a break. Lots of playing between the big cousins and the little cousins, sledding, yummy food, and staying up way to late giggling! Always good times with the fam.

A. Yes, he's wearing Santa slippers. He LOVES them.
B. He kicks his leg up like this all time when he's chillin' on the couch.
(I had to capture it)

Wearing clip on earrings from her princess jewelry box

Auntie Cher!

Cousins pic! Someone did NOT want to participate.

Playing in all the snow we got Sunday instead of Saturday night!

SCORE! Awesome basketball hoop.

Dancing with Minnie

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