Thursday, February 13

Brush, brush, brush

The kids had their FIRST dentist appt Monday. In preparation I bought a dentist book that describes everything so nicely for them, even if they would have a cavity! They brush their teeth with us every day and have their own brushes at the sitters. And as always, I had predicted Kelsey would do better. And as always these kids through me a curve ball! (Just when I think I have their personalities figured out, they switch). We walked in the door and Drew was so excited to play with all of the toys! Then the hygienist opens the door and says she's ready for all of us - time to go get new toothbrushes! Drew jumps up and runs over by her leaving all of the toys, so I cleaned up. Kelsey was scared and started to cry because I wasn't following. Needless to say, Drew went first and did AWESOME! Kelsey had to sit on my lap but did fine. They both picked chocolate mint tooth paste - haha!

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