Tuesday, February 25


We did this to Kelsey and Drew's beds - turned them into "toddler" beds. They are such creatures of habit that there was some pouting as Craig took the side of the crib off. The first day with the beds like this, we heard them running back and forth during nap time. After Craig and I each went up there to tell them to go to sleep, I ended up sitting in their room until the fell asleep. They are fine at night, mostly because it is dark and probably more tired than at nap time.

Kelsey keeps SO MUCH stuff in her bed - 3 Minnie Mouses, 5 Care Bears, 3 mice,
a dolphin, 2 pillows, a dream light, 2 blankets, 1 book. And she knows when something
is missing! 

Drew's bed is completely empty because he requires you to bring the contents
of his bed downstairs with him and then brings his Buddy and blanket to the sitter.

Drinking juice with the care bear

He needs a drink too - she says, "sip, sip, sip"

We went up to my brother and sister-in-law's because I needed a couple of easy
things done to the car. The kids came along, of course. This is the closest Kelsey
would get to baby Benson:) But she talks about him all the time. She seems to be warming
up to Derek also - she asked him to build blocks with her and wanted to go outside by him
while he was fixing the car!

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