Saturday, April 19

April Showers

We were excited to participate in our first Easter Egg hunt Saturday. We packed up and headed to my brother and sister-in-law's house before heading to a park in West Bend. The forecast was promising partly sunny skies and warmer temps, so we were just as pumped to be outdoors as we were to hunt eggs. As we left for the park, the rain became heavier :( We parked and Kelsey grabbed her umbrella and headed towards the other kids. We lost my Derek, Cassandra, and Benson amongst all the rain and kids but figured we'd run into them eventually! It was difficult for Kelsey to pick up candy and hold an umbrella and a basket. I guess there were actual eggs on the ground but they scattered the candy in the grass also. The kids were in heaven, picking all the Dum Dum suckers they could find. Kelsey had 3 suckers unwrapped before we got to the restaurant to dry off and have lunch!

This week also kicks off Craig's spring break - and we must have used up all the warm weather last week because they are even predicting snow for parts of the area tomorrow. What a bummer. Those 60 degree days were teasers! Another disappointment this weekend; I dropped my camera trying to juggle my bag, the kid's bag, and a coffee. It cracked and is useless:( Quite literally, when it rains, it pours!We are taking the kids to their first Brewer game Wednesday as a birthday gift, thank God for the stadium roof.

(I REALLY thought I posted this last week. There will be a couple in a row now.)

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