Tuesday, April 22

"Polly Want A Cracker"

I have to really listen to what Kelsey says to me...because she is a movie/cartoon sponge! She has most of the movie Frozen memorized and about every day, out of the blue, she recites a line - totally unconnected to anything we are doing. For 2 weeks she would look down at her shirt and say, "Mom, why do I have to wear this?" She isn't in the phase of questioning her clothing so I wondered why she was having these concerns. Then it hits me - Frozen was playing in the vehicle on our way to my brother's house and usually I ignore anything happening in the backseat. But randomly I hear a little boy say, "Mom, why do I have to wear this?" and it all makes sense. She has said other things from movies but they were more obvious, like from Monsters U, they are in a fraternity (in their mom's house) and a character says, "Mommm, we're doing an initiation!" Now, I know she wouldn't be able to put that sentence together without hearing it somewhere else first!

We did some more egg hunting today (Saturday) with our friends at the local park and then back at their house. It always takes Drew a little time to warm up; he didn't get excited about eggs until we were back at our friend's house. If the weather holds up, there will be yet another egg hunt on Easter Sunday at my aunt's house.

I don't know if it was a fluke, first-timers luck but they made 6.5 innings before they were asking to leave! I'm not sure how much of the game they watched; somehow they stayed content and entertained:)

Kelsey went after mostly purple and pink eggs; Drew blue and green. Total yin and yang.

After the egg hunt - fun on the trampoline!

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