Sunday, April 6

We are Frozen!

No not the temperature (because it has been beautiful outside these past 2 days) but the movie. The kids received the  movie as a gift from our sitter. Apparently Drew picked it out when Arlene showed them a store flyer and asked what they wanted for their birthday. We hadn't seen the movie before; the Disney channel shows clips of it here and there but otherwise I have no idea how they would know about it. Now I've heard stories from parents talking about how little Suzy is obsessed with movie A and watches non-stop, has it memorized, and so on. Of course Kelsey and Drew were barely 3 so I hadn't encountered anything close to that except during potty training - when you lock yourself in your house for a couple days, movies become your savior. But then it turns into them asking to watch it immediately upon returning home from anywhere. Kelsey was starting to repeat absolutely hilarious lines from Monsters U and Wreck it Ralph. 

Now that we own Frozen, it is ALL. THEY. ASK. FOR! And yea, it's a cute movie the first 5 times but I think there was one day where we watched it 5 times!! And we have the soundtrack that we listen to on the way home from the sitter. Drew is totally engrossed in watching the movie and Kelsey tries to sing along to all the songs:) I admire their dedication, but I'm ready to move on to the next movie - ESPECIALLY since the weather is finally turning into spring.

I don't have any new pictures. But I saw these pics Annie took at the birthday party of Kelsey and her godfather Jason and they are too cute not to share!

For real; two peas in a pod!

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