Wednesday, May 7

Time For A Check-up

I totally forgot that we had the kids appt 2 wks ago!! Since the last couple times we have been to the doctor's office were a total fail as far as behavior, I had low expectations. They are big enough now to stand on a regular scale and while Drew was first in line to get it done, Kelsey had to be coaxed/bribed/physically placed on the scale! She can be so shy, she hangs her head to hide from people and then we couldn't get a good height measurement. Then they ran into the exam room and it was a bit chaotic til we finished. She did a lot more asking Kelsey and Drew questions directly and if Kels was in her mood, she just said, "no" to everything...neat. But overall, everyone came out with a good report. Her only push was for the kids to start using "real" toothpaste with fluoride. We are still using training paste because they still swallow it; and only spit cuz hey, mom and dad are telling us it's okay to spit! So I would prefer to work on spitting appropriately before switching. Kelsey is a whopping 2lbs and 1in bigger than Drew. I had bets that she was heavier because she certainly feels like it!! She is still up there on the height chart for girls at 85% and even though Drew is only slightly shorter, the boy chart is so different that he falls to 50%. The doc filled out our preschool paperwork and we lucked out with no shots this time:)

This past weekend we headed up to Wausau for a combo birthday/confirmation party for Craig's niece and nephew. The kids were having so much fun with their cousins, they didn't go to bed til 11! Which meant they slept like rocks all night and Kelsey crashed in church after 15 min. And then Drew fell asleep within minutes of being strapped in the car seat and proceeded to sleep the entire 3 hour drive home. It was a lot of driving and busy weekend but such a nice, loving time with family.

Craig with his godson/nephew Braden

(We had so much fun playing that I sadly did not get any pictures of the kids with their cousins :( )

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