Monday, February 2

First EVER Teacher Conferences

Well, besides being at my OWN parent-teacher conferences as a kid (and I wasn't surprised by what any of my teachers said), I had no idea how this was going to go. Overall, she didn't tell us anything we didn't already know about their personalities EXCEPT I was surprised to hear that Kelsey really leaves Drew alone at school - which is mostly the opposite at home and at the sitter. There are times she will be in the playroom without him but I see her "mothering" him a lot - making sure he has his buddy, his blanket, that he gets his coat on when it's time to go. Mrs. W said that absolutely doesn't happen in class. When I volunteered in their classroom one day and Mrs. W wasn't there,  Drew was throwing an "I'm done with this whole learning business today" attitude and it upset Kelsey as well. She said she has never seen Kelsey affected by Drew's tantrum's but we see the opposite at home.Overall, they are learning and growing on track. We do need to work on tracing squares and circles to help build the muscles in the hands necessary for all the writing they do in 4k and kindergarten.
What is happening here kills me. They put the chairs like this and had
their own little conversation. They are becoming best friends.

I signed the kids up for swim lessons and trying to find a class that fit my call schedule, their gymnastics day, and Craig's things we decided on a Thursday night beginners class. And we ended up being the OLDEST kids in class. Since it is a full class of 16 kids, 14 of them 2 and under, she asked if we wanted to move to a Saturday advanced class with less kids. I don't want to force these classes on them but I really want them to learn to be safe around water. (Pictures to follow because in the older class, they have to wear swim caps!!)

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