Wednesday, February 11

Toddlers No More

Kelsey and Drew have been in their cribs with the one side removed for a year and yes, they were in their cribs until they were 3. They never tried to climb out, so we had no reason to convert the cribs and they dislike change. We had been talking about getting big beds since before Christmas. Everytime I looked online at beds, mattresses, and comforters, I tried to get Kelsey and Drew involved. There were a couple times Drew told me to stop looking at new beds ;). We are still easing them in to the whole idea of twin sized beds. The mattresses were delivered over the weekend and we are going to start with them on the floor and get use to sleeping on a bigger area.Then this weekend we are going to pick up the beds. Drew already told me last night that he wants his bed to be higher - guess he doesn't want his mattress to be on the floor for too long!

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