Thursday, February 19

Our Little Guppies

I tried real hard to get a picture of these cute kids in the locker room before we headed out to the pool on Saturday. Kelsey was being pretty shy and Drew was being a total ham! Total opposites, per the norm. This past class, we had to ask Auntie Tara to help because Craig had grad school. And of course, it was not the usual "fun" class but the "water safety" unit. So Tara learned how to save Kelsey and swim back and forth from the "island" to home! My sister was/is a natural in the water, kinda like Kelsey.

After swim lessons, we stopped at the farmer's market at the Domes. We went the first couple weeks of the season but it is SO busy that we only go now as a special treat. We got all the essentials: eggs, apples, valentine's cookies, and ice cream:) Kelsey used a valentine's gift to buy homemade peanut butter ice cream and shared with her brother! (Thanks Aunt Mary!)

On Sunday, we made a road trip down to IKEA! So fun and it's been years since I've been there. Since we were in the area, Craig contacted old college friends to meet up for lunch. Drew buddied up with Brian pretty quick and by the time we got to their house, they were old pals! (It only makes sense that anything belonging to Craig would fall in LOVE with Brian; Craig's dog Martin, would whimper and cry any time we mentioned he was coming or when he saw him. Of course, Marty lived with Brian for 4 years.)  Brian was showing them all his cool police stuff, gave them "badges", and was goofing around in the basement until everyone was tired out:)

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