Sunday, September 13

First Day of 4K

Some of you have seen these photos on Facebook. But these are all of them that I took that day. So far the first week has gone well. Both teachers called to update us and said they seem to be adjusting well. They participate in class, are making friends, appear happy during the day, Drew naps during every rest time! I expected them to be much more tired when I pick them up and even at night but they are going on like troopers. I do get scolded in the car on the way home for asking too many questions! Thankfully I see their teachers as they are walking other kids out to the buses and they update me if there was anything unusual that happened. So they are in separate 4K classes but they save seats for each other at the lunch table and play together at recess and have breakfast every morning together before going into class!

First day complete!

It's fuzzy, but this is Drew's teacher showing Kelsey how
to polka at a beer garden on Friday evening :)

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