Monday, September 21

Indian Summer

Every year, the weekend after Labor Day, the Summerfest grounds hosts Indian Summer. Every year, Craig's school, ICS, goes on Friday on education day to teach other students about Native Americans. We go Saturday or Sunday, mostly to eat Indian tacos and shop from the Native artists. This year Craig's parent's came along. Drew saw the sky glide "ride" and insisted on being stubborn until he got to go on it. I had a couple talks with him about how he would ride it when we were ready. After his ride, we enjoyed the yummy food, a couple drinks, and watched the competition dances.

You can see the teepee way off behind Kelsey

He's hanging on!

So this has nothing to do with Indian Summer but Kelsey started ballet at the same gymnastics studio they attend. I couldn't help but get a pic of her last week when she had her full "gear" on. Totally adorable.

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