Wednesday, September 9

Weekend with the Cousins!

Two weekends ago we headed to Wausau to hang with family before everyone started school. We were hoping for a little bit nicer weather but the only positive was it didn't rain like it did in Milwaukee. Since the weather wasn't all that awesome, Uncle Dale to us to where he works, to see all the tractors/farm equipment he sells. Drew was in heaven.

Hey we fit in this tractor's tire!

Of course we have to sit in it!

This was the big chopper Drew got to drive around 

Always sat in the buddy seat and always put on the seatbelt!
She's over the tractors...

It was a little rainy at home when we left that morning
and they were so cute sharing the umbrella

Drew was pretty determined to go fishing while we were there. And every time he mentioned fishing, Kelsey said the girls should go shopping. So Sunday the fog cleared up and the boys headed out. The girls did some strong work shopping, finding amazing deals and finished the day with ice cream for lunch! It was a fun little weekend and I hope we can do it more often!

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