Wednesday, January 13

2016 - Sledding and the Zoo

We didn't make any plans for New Year's Day and planned on recovering from all the holiday traveling. Our friends called and said that her husband needed to expend some energy and invited us to meet them at the Zoo. We had let our Zoo pass lapse but it was free on New Year's Day! We spent almost 2 hours there and saw almost everything we could. A lot of the animals were inside but they were so much more active! The kids were loving it - big ones and little ones:)

Then we took the kids sledding at the school down the road. We usually have the hill to ourselves and it's close enough that when the kids want to go home after 30 min, no one puts up a fight. It was a bright sunny day and just cold enough not to get too warm in all your winter gear.

I didn't realize til now that the large building through the trees is my hospital

Racing down the hill

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