Wednesday, January 6

Christmas time was here!

Of course we did lots of traveling to see all the family for the holidays. It starts on Christmas Eve and ends the day after Christmas. We started festivities Christmas Eve morning, when Santa came to our house. Then we headed up to my sister's and did Christmas with my dad's side. That is my "big" family that now has multiple other little people running around so the kids have their own kind of fun with second(? or would it be twice removed?) cousins. Christmas morning, Santa came to my sister's house and then we headed to my mom's. And finally, the day after we made the trek to Manitowoc to visit Craig's extended family. We've done it this way for a long time and the kids roll with it pretty well. This was the first year, I believe, that the kids actually understood the timeframe of Christmas. Being in school obviously helps. Kelsey knew it was on a Friday. I could explain to them how Santa has lots of houses to get to so he came to ours early but he was also going to Auntie Tara's. For as much traveling as we did, the days were very low key and unrushed and relaxing. We may have even started new traditions!!

Christmas Eve morning at our house!

Christmas Morning at Tara and Matt's

After presents and before breakfast, the boys went pheasant hunting! It only took 30 min. Drew thought it was SO COOL that Uncle Matt shot twice and got the bird. (that giant dog scares the kids but he really just wants to love everyone and play.)

Craig won tickets through his school to see "Charlie Brown Christmas" at the Todd Wehr Theater downtown. The actors, except Snoopy, were all kids under 16. I took Kelsey because it was football Sunday and the boys wanted to stay home. We LOVED it and hope to do it again; Kelsey says we should bring Drew!
(the only picture I could get before it started - no photography)

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