Tuesday, August 16

Busy Summer Days

Kelsey has been talking up a racket lately! She has so much to say to anyone that will listen. Drew either doesn't have much to say or isn't ready to tell us about it, and has been more quiet. But Drew has decided that he needs to eats his bottles faster - we moved the nipple size up for him, where Kelsey is a little more lady-like and takes her time and does not want us to change sizes. So I had to figure out how we can distinguish bottles without unscrewing them each time to look under the nipple - thankfully a friend gave us her extra bottles and since they were an older version of ours they happened to be a different color. Gotta love friends and their hand-me-downs!

Kelsey and I had a nice Saturday, celebrating our soon-to-be sister-in-law - the kids' new Aunt. Besides the random downpours, it was a fun day seeing out-of-town family and eating fabulous food. Then Craig spent Saturday evening/night alone with the babies while I continued the celebrations out on the Edleweiss river cruise downtown. On Sunday Craig went to the Brewer game with his dad and uncle, adding another bobblehead to his collection!

Kelsey and I all dressed up for Cassandra's wedding shower

My sister and I on the river cruise - it was a little windy;)

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