Monday, August 29

What a Weekend

We've been busy (so goes the summer)! I can't believe it is the end of August. Saturday we celebrated our 6 year anniversary. So while we were getting the house together for the babies' baptism, we also tried to take some time for ourselves (haha). Which brings us to our big day yesterday - Kelsey and Drew's baptism. The weather was gorgeous; the babies were so even tempered through mass and the baptism, it was truly a 'perfect' day. We were surrounded by good friends and family - a great way to finish the summer! We are starting a new week day routine; our sitter will watch the kids Monday-Wednesday and our "nanny" will come to the house Thursday and Friday, with my mom coming on her available days off. This means the babies will be dropped off early by the sitter by Craig and I will pick them up when I'm done with work around 3. And as usual, we will see how things go!

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