Thursday, August 11

Next Up For Her Floor Routine...

Kelsey! Even in the NICU the nurses were telling us to watch out for her - she was going to be a gymnast. She would propel herself up out of her "nest" and smoosh into the incubator wall. And we would find her in different positions every time we checked on her, the nurses saying they haven't seen such a wiggly preemie! Of course we took some pics of Kelsey wrangling her way out of car seat and on to the floor - never once did she make a peep for us to help her or signal that she wanted our help. Miss independent already. That is why we just watched her and documented the shenanigans:)

Kelsey and I will be busy Saturday with Auntie Cassandra's bridal shower. We are getting excited for Derek and Cassandra's wedding in September - all we need is for Grandma Linda to make a few alterations to everyone's wedding outfits. Craig and I are going out to dinner tomorrow night with good friends - a new restaurant with a fancy wine list. Yay for a glass of wine! (or two or three...)

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