Thursday, March 1


Last post I talked about how Kelsey won't use a sippy cup - she actually will get angry and swing at it if you put it in her face. So I polled some online mom friends to see if they had any tricks I could try. I wasn't nervous about her NEVER using a sippy cup but I thought I have a month to work on it, so why not. And Drew took to the cup so effortlessly, I was preparing to go to battle with Kelsey:)

Well, I shouldn't have been surprised that my stubborn little girl will do what she wants, when she wants! Tuesday night she crawled into the kitchen by me and the diaper bag was on the floor. Kelsey reaches in and pulls out a sippy cup and starts chewing/sucking on it! What the...? I approached her slowly,  so not to scare her (I'm talking about her as if she's a wild animal!). I grabbed some milk out of the fridge and slid the cup out of her grasp to fill it up. I gave it back to her and she drank out of it like she's been practicing in her sleep! What a stinker!! I have a feeling Kelsey and I will be battling for years to come;)

In Drew's world, it feels like he's been teething for a month! I mean, come on, give the kid a break! I think he officially has 5 teeth and is working on 1 more. The first two were pretty benign but these last 4 (all on top) are causing him great angst! He will chew on his fist; he will even grab Kelsey's hands/fingers to chew on! He isn't always his happy self. The evenings mostly consist of trying to keep him occupied so you don't have to listen to him whine (something he is REALLY good at so the whining is EXTRA irritating). Thankfully it doesn't keep him from napping or sleeping at night. I guess we shouldn't complain since it's his only downfall, but teething turns our usually mellow, happy little dude, into an ill-tempered monster.

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