Monday, April 9

Hoppy Easter

We were able to visit most of our family this holiday weekend. The kids received more candy/treats than they will ever be able to consume (i.e. mom and dad will be eating it). Kelsey is becoming less clingy around groups of people she isn't totally familiar with. I think it was bothering Craig, but she certainly is at a "stranger-danger" age, so I didn't lose any sleep over it. She's always been our Miss Independent and she's quick to let us know what she's comfortable with.  They had fun "rearranging" grandma's decor that was placed at optimal baby level.

Craig is on spring break and playing Mr. Mom (actually it started last Friday). He will have a little help later this week so that he can tend to our sad yard/landscaping. As you can imagine, we hardly touched our yard last summer.

Craig's first day off last Friday, I had given him the "Super Dad" title; and by 2 p.m. I had taken it back! He called me on my cell phone twice and then at work because Kelsey cut her thumb and wouldn't stop bleeding. We couldn't find anything sharp so the mystery stands as to "what" cut her. She had cried so hard that she fell asleep sitting up while Craig was applying pressure! I know it wasn't his fault but I have to raz him a little on his first day alone with both kids:)

I bandaged it up until bath time because she wouldn't let us touch it!

Playing with toys at grandma's

Kelsey opening one Easter basket

Drew hanging with cousins by great-grandma's Easter tree

She's a one-shoe kid, can't keep both of them on!

And today they went to the zoo because Auntie Cassandra came to visit!

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