Sunday, April 22

Remember When... was spring outside? What happened? It has been downright chilly these last couple days. I was looking through our camera's memory and found some photos of the kids playing in their sandbox. And that feels like it happened MONTHS ago! Of course the days are flying by for us. I have been working different shifts and filling in for people on vacation, so by the time I get home it's late or I'm exhausted (why the blog's been quiet this week).

Oh, and I think the kids recovered from all of their shots. The only side effects I noticed were sad little bruises on the arm that received 2 shots and that they have been taking 2 naps EVERY DAY. Some day do you think they will develop way to deliver vaccinations WITHOUT injections? I asked the pediatrician - with how extreme advances in technology are, there must be something in the works.

(I wanted to add more pictures but the computer is acting

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