Saturday, April 28


I think I have blogger writer's block. I can't muster up the motivation to sit down and compose a post! I've started writing a couple different times, became frustrated because I couldn't write more than 2 sentences before I ran out of things to say. I would start and then decide no one really wanted to read that, this isn't my personal venting venue. So I'm sorry that it's been a while; I was on such a hot streak of posting 2-3 times a week! But I must have used up all of my inspiration. So I'll just throw some pics at you...

Kelsey loving that kitty will let her get that close! (It gets SO sunny here
that the cat tries to catch a nap before the kids notice)

I put these overalls on her, then realized they came with a hat!
It didn't stay on very long:)

So proud that she climbed up by the kitty - kitty not so happy.

They LOVE the ball pit and play in it EVERY day.

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