Sunday, April 15

Nurses Call the Shots

1 year check-up on Wednesday - I know it is weeks after their actual birthday but the office always claims to never have a double appointment time that works. A common response from them, "what is your child's name? (Kelsey and Drew) Oh, you have twins; I forgot." Thanks for making me feel special! I get it, you see a zillion kids a week, month, year - why would you remember mine - but fake like you care.

So the kids ended up being *smaller* than I thought. Although they scored in the 75th and 90th percentile for height (clearly NOT taking after their parents), they were 20th and 30th for weight. D is 19.75 and K 19.1. They just feel heavier, especially Drew. Poor dudes had to get 3!! shots in their arm and a finger prick (which wouldn't stop bleeding so I have little spots all over my shirt) for an iron/anemia check.

The funniest thing we heard at the appt is when the pediatrician asked if we cut the kids hair yet. We told her only Drew's and then she said Kelsey's hair looks like it's styled - oh sweet doctor lady,that's au natural; her hair does what it wants (sorry Kels, I think you got mom's unruly hair gene!).

To redeem his "Super Dad" title, Craig has gotten the kids to nap in their cribs. Usually we would just put them on the floor with a blanket or recently with their new nap mats (I don't know if it was easier/lazier to not put them in their crib or safety leaving one behind while you put the first one to bed). They have been showing more obvious signs of being sleepy so he quickly trucked them upstairs and put them to bed. It's been working out nicely, except when one kid doesn't want to nap at that time - and just sits in their crib and cries or talks and eventually falls asleep. But then the other kid wakes up while the other is still sleeping, then what? We're still trying to figure it all out but hope that it continues to be the napping trend!

There are no OSHA regulations here, therefore Kelsey doesn't
need pants to work "construction":)

The "tie-shirt" says I'm formal, but I like to be able to bust a move.
 (He has 3 others that our crafty sitter made for his birthday present)

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