Tuesday, June 5

Swimming Fun

Since the kids *usually* LOVE bath time, I thought it would only be natural for them to LOVE pools and water outside. Well, it seems Kelsey likes small pools and Drew prefers the bigger ones. It became so hot Memorial weekend that I had to bring out their blow up pool to cool off. What I didn't realize is that it is blown up by water from the hose and then sprinkles water. There is NO WAY to warm up our hose spout, it was so cold Drew tried escaping multiple times (not fun when you are alone with them).

Then this past weekend Craig had to stop in at the club and fix/check the "baby" pool and I thought, what an excellent excuse to bring the kids to the pool! Thinking that the baby pool looks like a big bath tub, I was sure the kids would love it! Kelsey cried, pouted and decided to sit on the pool deck and eat cheerios instead:) Drew was kicking it, enjoying all the other kids in the pool. We were there for about an hour and (selfishly) I was able to get some, much needed, sun!

*As a side note, I never really understood these "rash guard" shirts for kids - although they make perfect sense! But this is a fairly new product, along with ALL sorts of new safety, sleeping, eating devices/rules that were not in effect when I was little. And I wonder how on earth I made it to a wise 31 years of age sleeping on my stomach, exposing lots of skin to the sun, using "standard" bottles...wow. I think the rash guard shirts are SO cute and make the kids look like California surfer babes:)

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