Sunday, June 17

Chatty Kathy

In the last 2 weeks, anyone that has encountered Kelsey has gotten an ear full! She will ramble on and on by herself, with one of us, with a stranger - all the while appearing to be making total sense. She's also copying any noise we make. And Drew's been screaming. In excitement. To anything he finds to be the least bit stimulating.

Lots of other new stuff is going on in the home front...the landscape/grading problem that caused our flood was fixed Friday. They spent the whole day cutting down trees, digging out the lawn, removing dirt, fixing downspouts, and finally re-seeding the new area. It looks a lot different and we are so happy for the peace of mind every time it rains:)

I guess we would say the kids are officially walking now. Before they were taking "independent" steps but it was mostly during the "walk to mom, walk back to dad" game. Now they will get off of a toy and just start walking away from it or take off from the couch to the toy they want to play with, walking 5-10 steps alone. Next we need to work on picking up their own toys...

This is Drew...screaming and hitting the ball. 

 I HOPE you can hear Kelsey talking away (it's non-stop!) 
- and you get a look at her car gymnastics!

Happy Father's Day! (pay no attention to Kelsey's crazy hair...)

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